An Interview with Thaylia (SYD)

You’ve just released a new single, Waiting, which is setting the scene for your new EP coming soon. What is Waiting about and how did this track come together?

Waiting is about Love and what I imagined God might sing to us if God could write us a love song. I’m not a religious person myself anymore but recently I have been exploring a personal relationship with God again, just me and God this time and I guess what I have learned is that everything that I had ever been taught about who God was through religion was wrong. God is much more beautiful, loving and accepting of all races, colours, genders and sexuality than what is taught and I am enjoying getting to know and trust God all over again. I wrote Waiting because I wanted to share that God is offering her Gift of Love to those who desire it and is always waiting patiently to be loved in return without demand or expectation.


You have an incredible life story – how has music been a part of your journey and how do you engage with your art?

Music has been a massive part of bringing me a lot of joy growing up. I spent a lot of time alone in my room throughout my high school years and music kept me company. I loved to learn all the words to the latest music and sing along over and over until I learned the whole song. Later on in life music inspired me to make better choices for my life, music inspired me to stop being destructive to myself and get sober. Music is what brought me over to Sydney and provided me with many opportunities and adventures. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Composition and Music Production) and now teach music to children. I also have a small home studio which I love to practice my live performance and hope to find some students to mentor in music production.


What are important influences on your life experience and music?

I never thought I would say this but getting to know God again has had a massive impact on my life in such a short space of time. This has also trickled over and had such a positive effect on my music and I find I am writing much more honestly now. My intention has also changed, in the past I used music as a way to get attention, approval and glory, I used music to cover over a lot of hurt and pain that I was carrying and to make myself feel better. I have had to work hard over the last few years on purifying my desire with music and these days I have a very different set of reasons why I engage my passion of music. My creative drive today is fuelled by my desire to live a life that is 100% truthful and loving to who I am, to live a life that honours my personality and nature that will allow me to continuously learn and develop not just as a musician but as a person. Don’t get me wrong I still have some purifying to do with my passion and I still have things that I need to work on.


You do some amazing work with your music, some of which includes running workshops in schools sharing your own story and music. What has it been like sharing your journey with others and what message do you want students (or any listeners) to walk away with?

It has been quite a terrifying experience going to schools and sometimes presenting in front of up to 400-600 students at a time. It definitely has helped me to face some of my fears and has always been a rewarding experience in the end. The main message I always like to leave anyone is the importance of discovering your life purpose and to find something they can do where they can have fun everyday! We all have a unique calling and as Oprah says our real job is to find out what that is and go and do that as quickly as possible. Go Oprah!!!


How did your soon-to-be-released EP come together and what can you tell us about it?

The EP is called Into My Soul and is about my journey over the past few years ‘into my soul’. When I moved to Sydney I went through some big life changes, I guess you could say my life went through a big upheaval, basically it was like my life got wiped clean, everything fell away from friends, family, and it was just me. I’ve struggled with addictions all my life and used substances as a way to numb out and avoid, I realised that what I was avoiding was a lot of hurt and pain from my childhood as I was sexually abused as a child. As I got sober, there was a layer of numbness that was taken away and for the first time I had to come face to face with what was underneath the numbness, a lot of emotional pain. I was living in boarding houses in just a small room while I studied and I spent a good three years just crying almost everyday releasing and connecting to a lot of pain inside of me for the first time.

So the songs on this EP capture what I learned about myself and my soul during those times, what I discovered about Love and God, what I discovered was in my soul, all of the things that I had tried to bury but obviously never went away. I wanted to share these songs to demonstrate that getting out of denial about things that have happened in our lives and becoming more honest and truthful with ourselves about how we feel inside rather than trying to suppress our emotions is the first step to healing and I feel that this level of honesty may benefit others who have had similar struggles.


What’s on the horizon for you?
EP release, music videos and a new film and music production business to work on!



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