An Interview with Eden Iris (LA)

You’ve just released your EP Demons – what inspired this EP and how did it come together?

The concept of this EP was sparked with a song I wrote with an Australian artist, Jess Harlen – the track is called Dangerous Mind. Funnily enough when we started writing it, we thought it was a great fit for the story of the character Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s Game of Thrones series. So that was very unexpected haha. But we ended up drawing inspiration from the show for another two songs on the EP also – Demons and Queen. The show has such beautiful visuals and is so visceral and dramatic it actually ended up shaping a lot of the soundscape.


You’ve also recently released a video clip for the title track, Demons. What’s the story behind this song and the visuals you’ve crafted in this clip?

For me the song itself is about walking away from trauma. In the video, the dancers, or demons, represent temptation… something beautiful which is also incredibly dangerous and destructive. It could be interpreted in many different ways – to me it’s symbolic of addiction. So all throughout the video I’m fighting them (the demons), I don’t want to give in, but the more paint they rub on my skin, the harder it is to resist them, and then eventually I give in to them and accept my fate. Filming the video was such a memorable experience. The crew and dancers were amazing and helped to create a space where I could connect directly to the song and the performance – we did just the one take with paint which we ended up using. The video was directed and produced by Jess Harlen, who also did all of the photography for the Demons EP.

Watch the Demons videoclip here.


What artists inspired you growing up and why?

In my teenage years, I was listening to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Stevie Nicks, Florence + the Machine… all of the power babes haha. There was just an authenticity and boldness about their writing that I still think is pretty badass. I grew up on a hearty diet of rock n’ roll and folk music, spoon-fed by my folks – The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Gillian Welch, and Eva Cassidy to name a few.


As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, how do you usually build your ideas for writing?

Usually when I’m writing I just like to use an acoustic guitar and my notes folder on my iPhone. Being at the computer it’s too tempting to put on my producers hat and be distracted by the thousands of sounds that are available these days. So I mostly just need some chords to work with, especially at the moment I’m trying to remember that less is more. Almost always the lyrics will come first and if it’s meant to be, the music will just fall into place. I like to go walking by the (urban) river by my house, for some reason that stimulates my mind and draws some lyrics my way. I try to do that every morning so that the creative muscle is always exercised. Not every song will be a keeper but it makes it a lot easier to know what to do when inspiration strikes.


You’re from New Zealand originally, now based in LA. Why did you make the move and how has it influenced your music?

I came to LA on a whim at the end of a visit to Austin TX a few years ago where I played some shows and couch surfed. Los Angeles seemed like such a vibrant and inspiring city so I kept coming back! It’s definitely a challenging place to be as an artist because there are so many of us, and I think that’s a good thing. If anything, living here has pushed me to be more authentic and bold as an artist, and as a person.


What’s on the horizon for you?

I’ve been performing a lot lately to promote the EP which has been cool because I’ve had a chance to try out some new material for my next record. I’m looking forward to shooting a video for the next song off the Demons EP, and finding new audiences to connect with.


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