You Know You’re A Musician When

  1. Your choice of ringtone matters – a lot. This choice has the power to ruin a song, forever.
  2. You tune out of conversations when you hear a song you love playing not far away.
  3. You are personally offended and jump to defend when someone says they hate one of your favourite artists, albums, genres or instruments.
  4. You are “broke”, but have 7 keyboards/guitars/basses/amps/drum kits/[insert your musical item of choice].
  5. Cons (Converse) are your go-to shoe.
  6. Your “weekend” never consists of Saturday or Sunday. PS, what’s a weekend?
  7. You challenge yourself to see how many gigs you can fit into one day.
  8. You challenge yourself to see how many rehearsals you can fit into one day.
  9. You are very good at Tetris-ing gear into your car.
  10. You don’t decorate your house, you decorate your studio – with gear and band merchandise.
  11. You are always working on a single/EP/album/videoclip.
  12. You are consistently asked when you will “get a real job”.
  13. You are consistently asked when you will “make it”.
  14. You are consistently asked when you will audition for The Voice.
  15. You love and want more Persians rugs.
  16. You have incredible core fitness from lifting PA’s and music gear to gigs. What weights?
  17. When you tell people what you do they respond with “Wow! That’s amazing! I’m getting married in October and need a musician…”
  18. You are one of the few people in a venue that ask the bar staff how their night’s going.
  19. You have a mental list of your favourite solos.
  20. Your “assets” include: CD’s, music DVD’s, sheet music, guitars, keyboards/pianos, drum kits/percussion, pre-amps, interfaces, monitors, MIDI keyboards, plenty of cables, plenty of stands, headphones, mixers, microphones, a PA, flat bed/fold up trolley, pedals, lights, gig stool and a whole lot of old gear you swear you’ll one day repair.
  21. You consistently try to see how casually you can dress for gigs without actually having to dress up properly.

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