My Top 5 Musician-Budget-Worthy Recipes

Many people believe that musicians are poor. Not entirely true – many are cashed! But there are many who like the rest of us need to be smart and cook cheaply to manage our budgets (*cough*…. which allows us to buy more music gear….*cough*). As such, here are my fav top 5 recipes that keep musicians like myself and others well fed on a budget. Try them! I don’t believe that eating on a budget means you only eat potatoes – get some good stuff into ya!! Click on the links or images for each recipe.

#1: VEGETARIAN: Jamie Oliver’s Spelt Spaghetti with vine tomatoes and baked ricotta

This is one of my FAVOURITE dishes. Obviously there’s no meat so you save some pennies there, but that is replaced with delicious roasted vine tomatoes, ricotta, fresh rocket and balsamic. Seriously tasty stuff and super easy to make.spelt-spaghetti
(Photo credit: Jamie

#2: VEGAN: Hummusapien’s Vegan Lasagna

I am not vegan but I have many musician friends who are. I made this for a friend recently and apparently it’s tasty! I need to make a batch for myself to give it a go but it’s received the tick of approval from a certified vegan so if that’s also you, try it!lasagna3
(Photo credit: Hummusapien)


#3: OLD SCHOOL: Slow Cooked Corned Silverside

If you don’t have a slow cooker yet (and you’re trying to eat on a budget) then BUY ONE RIGHT NOW. We have a really old Crock Pot and by far it’s one of the most used kitchen appliances in recent times in our house. You can literally put all of your ingredients in there for the allotted amount of time (anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on your recipe) and collect your tasty goodness when it’s done.This is an old traditional favourite and helpfully provides a few meals/left over lunches. Silverside can be picked up for around $10-$12 and the veggies are up to you – potatoes and greens or whatever you like!corned-silverside-slow-cooker-style-98517-1
(Photo credit: Taste)


#4: SPICY: Soulful Thyme’s Mexican Chicken and Rice

For the lovers of spice! And one-pot wonders where you don’t have much to clean (which surely is all of us). This dish is easy and super tasty – I really love how fresh the ingredients are. This recipe (and it’s blog) come from the very talented Nicole!MexChickandRice
(Photo credit: Soulful Thyme)


#5: SNACK STYLE: Sesame Seed Chicken Drumsticks

Treat this as more of a snack food – but eat as much as you want. SO tasty and really easy to do – chicken drumsticks are a super cheap meat option as well. Chicken wings would also work for this dish.

(Photo credit: Taste)



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