Wurlitzer Repair Phase 1

I am lucky enough to be in possession of a Wurlitzer 200A. For those who don’t know what that is it’s one of the best keyboards you can own (in my opinion haha) and has a distinct attachment to soul, blues and jazz music. Ray Charles is one of the best examples of a well-known artist that played a Wurlitzer – check out an example of him playing this delicious instrument.

The Wurlitzer I own is a beautiful instrument and I’m slowly having it repaired to get it back in working order. Phase 1 of this repair project was having a new Retro Linear EP200A pre-amp installed and for technical geeks I thought showing how this phase happened might be really interesting – so enjoy! The following phases of the repair will include a new cable for the sustain pedal and action repair work, info and pics to follow.

PIC: Below is the Retro Linear EP200A pre-amp after installation.


PIC: Below is the Wurlitzer with outer casing removed, amazing to see the internals. You can see where the new pre-amp was installed – fairly front and centre.


PIC: Below is an image showing the action – again, very cool to see how it works internally. All that timber makes it incredibly heavy to lift and move!


PIC: Below is the front appearance, all original casing. I will continue to have this cleaned and restored – I believe it’s possible to obtain brand new badges to replace the silver panel seen here.


PIC: Below shows the production tag on the underside of the Wurlitzer.


PIC: Below shows the Wurlitzer as it currently stands, Phase 1 of repair complete.


VIDEO: Below is me jamming out at home after the pre-amp was installed.


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